Been caught climbing at young age

7 year old brat blaming his father for showing the advent of cycling

Feeling like Atomic Ant during a cycling photoshoot

Photographing the wonders of Itaiaia National Park

With my gorgeous wife / photographer / hiker / climber / cyclist / crime partner

Hello, I'm Leo Cavallini.

My parents being university teachers allowed me to be a curious kid. I wandered through subjects like astronomy, paleontology and geology, taking notes of scientific names in the zoo and working for fun as a monitor in an astronomical observatory. The quests for intriguing subjects made me typewrite my discoveries avidly in cut and paste notebooks, destroy some of my mom's History books and even run away from classroom to spend my time learning anything more intersting in the school's library.

I also used to play around with an Apple II computer the same age as me, those ones with phosphor green screens and large diskette drives. That early contact with computers made me soon start to surf the internet in the 90s and find out how all that stuff was done. Which threw me into the design and programming universe. Getting into photography was a step forward the creative field, consequence of working with layouts images that also became another way of creating stuff out of my curiosity. From photographing the dragons and lions from the Chinese New Year's parades in São Paulo to portray people through their wrecked sneakers, photography made me seek adventures on and off bike. By the way, cycling was another thing my dad brought to my life, as the photo above tells.

The things got worse when I met my partner in crime, my wife, who brought in her backpack a ton of things in common, including cycling, photography and the passion for adventure. Now we're frequently working in partnership to capture pieces of advertising campaigns, editorials for magazines and adventure sports, also going outdoors together to see with our own eyes the interestingness of people and places built by men and nature.


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WORKSHOP   Photography for cyclists - SESC Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil

Started a company focused in design for photographers, "Nitrato de Pixel"
EXHIBITION   Group exhibition "Brand New Blood"- São Paulo, Brazil
EXHIBITION   Solo exhibition - "Black Jack"- São Paulo, Brazil

WORK   Started his own company named "Studio Sopa", renamed "Leo Cavallini" later
BOOK   Started a book project "Warriors of Liberdade"
EXHIBITION   Group exhibition "Mistura Urbana" - São Paulo, Brazil

EXHIBITION   Group exhibition "Ego Tripping" - São Paulo, Brazil
WORK   Started to freelance as photographer
WORK   Left his job as photographer assistant on a photography studio

LEARNING   Started Photography - Bachelor degree - SENAC, São Paulo, Brazil
WORK   Started to work on a photography studio - Photographer assistant
PROJECT   Started a photography blog "Photonasia.net"

WORK   Started to freelance as photo retoucher
WORK   Started to freelance as photographer assistant
WORK   Left his job on an internet agency
WORK   Started to work as graphic designer and internet developer on an internet agency
MOVED   São Paulo, Brazil

LEARNING   Started Graphic Design & Product Project - UCDB, Campo Grande, Brazil
LEARNING   Started to learn photography - Self-taught

WORK   Started to work on a print shop - Campo Grande, Brazil

WORK   Started to work on an advertising agency - Marechal Rondon, Brazil

WORK   Started to work on a print shop - Campo Grande, Brazil

LEARNING   Started to learn graphic design and internet development - Self-taught

BORN   Lins, São Paulo, Brazil